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Matthaiou company carries a 41-year experience, continuing his father’s achievement since 1967. Established in 2008 with fresh ideas and new products, entirely modernized and prepared to respond in high requirements of each demanding customer. In proprietary facilities of 500 m² in the center of industrial region in Piraeus, the company is co-operating with top constructing associations of industrial materials as perforated and decorative steel sheets, anti-skid floors, industrial fences etc.
The company is based on newly emerged technologies and equipped with modernized machines of reforming materials as well as with highly qualified personnel ready to provide any kind of technical advice and information for the best service of our clients.
The company’s successful course, until today, is owed to the continuous update of our methods in Greek market and to the immediate responding of customers’ requirements offering credibility in technical and construction companies, providing high quality materials and services.
Through continuing research in European and Greek market, our company aims to keep up dated our products in order to cover a wide range of market and industry demands as well as technical and construction companies.

Download in pdf format our 2011 - 2012 catalogue.

Asklipiou 11 & Gravias str, Piraeus, Tel.: 210 4111852, 210 4118693, Fax: 210 4118694, Email: info@lmatthaiou.gr